Corbett Toomsen is a multi-disciplinary artist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he earned an MFA in InterMedia Studio Art at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 2014.


Originally from Iowa, Toomsen has lived in Wisconsin for the past twenty years working as an architectural project manager and illustrator and as a published and exhibiting artist.  Toomsen earned a BFA in Illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2004, where he taught various courses as an Adjunct Faculty member upon graduation.  With an ongoing appreciation for investigating the relationships between individual identity and shared experiences, Toomsen concentrates his graduate studies continuing to build upon his visual vocabulary with an exploratory approach to new processes and media.  His current work investigates the role of photography in forming expectations of travel experiences.  Using mass media imagery and built environments in his studio to construct a fictitious journey through the American west, Toomsen borrows from the tradition of vernacular photography to record these experiences as snapshots.